Good Friday 2018


Over 18,500 volunteers took part in 2018 which was over 571 groups all over Limerick City and Limerick County.


This year we collected 98 tonnes of litter which would equate to approx. 3,900 household wheelie bins of rubbish. There were many areas all over Limerick covered for the first time in 2018 and Limerick is the cleanest it has been to date.


Lot more of the City & County involved so nine trucks & crews from Mr Binman travelled over 2,000kms on Good Friday. This was the most successful event yet in covering areas of Limerick that did not participate previously and there were 275 individual litter collection points across the City & County which Mr Binman collected from.  An increase of over 40% on previous years on areas covered.

Health & Safety

No issues to report on the collection routes – no near misses and all staff involved reported to work as normal post-event. 

The Waste itself

There is a study taking place on the TLC4 litter collected under the control of the Limerick City & County Council which will help us understand what the main objects/items which are littering the city & county.

Tea and coffee gatherings

324 groups participated in tea and coffee gatherings

Over 9,000 volunteers attended gatherings to celebrate their clean-up

5,000 hot cross buns distributed