TLC3 Statistics


Significantly down on last year. This year we collected just over 68 tonnes of litter which would equate to approx. 2,600 household wheelie bins of rubbish. Down significantly on last year’s figures. Feedback from group leaders would be that they covered the same areas but there was less litter there than in previous years – so it is working!


A lot more of the City & County involved so Mr Binman travelled over 1,200 km on Good Friday with collection crews. That is the equivalent of driving from Limerick to Edinburgh and back again –

Pick up locations

Groups were well organised this year and there were 244 individual locations across the City & County which Mr Binman collected from.

Group Breakdown: 500 groups in total

Businesses: 45

Charitable Organisations: 15

Community Groups: 70

Environmental: 5

Primary School: 52

Secondary School: 18

Residential Groups: 171

Sports Groups: 34

Tidy Towns: 40

Other: 50

The Waste itself

There is a study taking place on the TLC3 litter collected under the control of the Limerick City & County Council which will help us understand what the main objects/items which are littering the city & county.

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